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Do you have a foggy windshield on your car?

Have you ever been driving and noticed how everything appears fuzzy, distorted, or warped? A hazy windshield is unusual and may indicate that you require windshield repair services. Let’s look at what causes your windshield in Santa Fe, New Mexico to become hazy and how to fix it.

Road Trash

You might not think to clean the exterior of your windshield carefully. Isn’t that what rain and your windshield wipers do, right? In fact, certain road filth cannot be removed by water alone. Even a small amount of water can convert it into a thick sludge that’s nearly impossible to see through. Thankfully, a simple mixture of water and a degreasing solution will remove the fuzz on your windshield. Wash your windshield after spraying this combination on it. The blur should be gone if it was caused by road filth.

Cabin Trash

Cabin dirt is another source of windshield blur. This debris, unlike road grime, adheres to your windshield from the inside. When the inside debris cakes onto your windshield due to a temperature difference between inside and outside, it becomes moist. Cabin filth is easier to clean than road grime, and a window cleaner should suffice. Additionally, if the cabin filter becomes clogged, it might blast debris around the cabin, which attaches to the inside of your windshield. To lower the amount of debris in your cabin air, change the cabin filter.

Old Age

A hazy windshield is sometimes the direct result of the windshield’s aging. Your windshield, like any other form of glass, will ultimately warp, giving a blurry effect. When this happens, cleaning will not be able to remove the haze. Auto glass replacement is your best option in this case. The problem can be solved by replacing your old, worn-out windshield.

Santa Fe Tint can handle all of your windshield needs.

Do you have a foggy windshield on your hands? Maybe you have another issue with your windshield, such as a crack or chip. Regardless of the issue, you can rely on us to resolve it. We can do everything from windshield replacement to repair. To learn more about our windshield treatments, contact Santa Fe Tint now at (505) 295-2101.

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