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Whether they have off-road vehicles or commuter cars, many vehicle owners find tinting a convenient aftermarket addition. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to have your windows tinted. Whether the law requires high visibility or you need to remedy a messed up tinting job, there are times when you may have to remove the stuff altogether.

When would you remove your window tint?

There are a few circumstances when you would want to remove window tinting, mostly related to aesthetics. There might be scratches or bubbling on the surface, or if the application did not go well. You may also notice peeling, cracking, fading, or other cosmetic annoyances.  
However, the primary reason that usually causes people to remove window tint is the law. Different states have different laws regarding window tinting; therefore, it is best to understand your state’s laws fully. For example, in Santa Fe, vehicle window tint should allow light transmission of more than 20%.  

How to remove window tint

Removing window tint is quite simple and generally requires a few common household materials, a few hours, and a considerable amount of patience. Some of the simple methods are listed below:

Soak and scrape

Apply a mixture of water and soap on the window to loosen the tint adhesive. Once the tint is thoroughly wet, use a sharp object like a razor blade to remove the tint from a corner. Peel the tint from the loosened corner taking care to keep the tint sheet intact. Apply as much water and soap as necessary to keep the window surface slippery, thus removing the tint cleanly.

Hair Dryer method  

You can also use a hairdryer to loosen the vinyl from the tinted window. Turn the dryer up to high heat and apply warm air to a corner of the tint sheet. Make sure to keep the hairdryer at least two inches away from the window to prevent the vinyl from melting onto your dryer. Once the vinyl gets hot, it would begin to peel down on its own. Pull the corner gently, keeping the warm air pointed towards it to avoid breakage and get a clean peel.

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