Paint protection film has become very popular in recent years, with thousands of people placing this material on their cars. Many people use paint protection film as a major preventative step against damage to their new or pre-owned cars. The vehicle often has a clear coat added to it by the manufacturer during production and is susceptible to damage if exposed for too long to abrasive materials such as sand and other debris.

paint protection film

The paint protection film is a thin layer of plastic that can be added to a painted surface of a used or new car. This film mainly protects your car from bug splutters, minor abrasions, and stone chips. Also, the film is often used on walls, RVs, cell phones, screens, electronics, and ceilings.

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Advantages of a 3M Paint Protection Film

Self-Healing Film

This material is self-healing, so you don’t have to worry about fixing small scratches or scuffs. It will heal itself as it gets exposed to air. The self-healing ability of the film makes a big difference in protecting your car.

Provides UV Protection

Parking your car outside exposes it to UV rays which can cause damage over time. 3M paint protection films give you UV protection, preventing the further damage such ultraviolet radiation may cause.

Won'r affect Finish

Since paint protection films are so thin, they won’t affect the color, texture, or finish of your vehicle’s surface area. It will still look like a regular car! They are not noticeable even if applied directly to the surface of a new car.

Makes Your Surface more Durable

These films will add additional protection to your car’s finish. In addition to the benefits of self-healing, the film will help with additional scratch resistance as well as chemical resistance.

Easy Application

These films are very easy to apply. All you need is a plastic squeegee or a lint-free cloth to get the job done right away. Place it on your car, wipe off any excess, and buff it with a cloth.

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