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Many people select vehicle window tinting since it looks good and includes personal privacy, yet auto home window movie is additionally a smart choice for the health and safety of your skin. A study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that almost 53% of skin cancers cells in the UNITED STATE take place left wing, or vehicle drivers’ side of the body, which might arise from direct exposure to UV rays while driving an automobile.


The typical American driver spends close to 300 hours a year behind the wheel. Incorporate that with how many hours we additionally invest as passengers, and also the demand for adding UV protection to your vehicle to secure on your own, your family members and your travelers ends up being clear.


Sun damage in your skin is caused by 2 main types of ultraviolet (UV) rays, UVB and UVA. UVB rays trigger sunburn, as well as luckily, they are obstructed rather well by automotive glass. UVA rays, nevertheless, cause tanning, skin aging and wrinkles, and also they are not obstructed by glass. In some automobiles, windscreens might be treated to obstruct UVA rays, but side, back as well as sunroofs extremely hardly ever are. Exposure to either or both kinds of UV rays over time can lead to skin cancer.


UV blocking window tint, also called UV obstructing window film, is a superb solution for adding UV defense to your car. Santa Fe Color obstructs as much as 99% of hazardous UV rays and is suggested by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a reliable UV protectant providing as much as 1000 SPF.


The best window movie for your vehicle will certainly rely on what your demands and also top priorities are.

Santa Fe Tint supplies abundant, nano-carbon tints in 4 different degrees that block UV rays, reject as much as 57% of the solar power that warms up your automobile, and also substantially decrease glow. It is non-metalized so it will not disrupt mobile phone, GPS, or satellite signals, and also it never ever transforms purple as some films do.

If blocking warm as well as lowering the feel of the sun on your skin is a major aspect for you, you might want to think about Santa Fe Tint. Along with obstructing 99% of UV rays, this ceramic window film declines up to 66% of complete solar energy as well as approximately 95% of infrared heat being rejected for optimal thermal comfort. It’s available in 6 tint degrees to fulfill your demands and also design.

What concerning a clear UV home window tint? If you like the tidy as well as clear manufacturing facility appearance of untinted windows, Santa Fe Tint uses UV defense as well as solar warmth reduction in a crystal clear film that doesn’t change the look of your auto. This innovative film supplies 99% UV defense, 60% solar heat decrease, as well as 97% infrared warmth rejection.

In addition to securing you as well as your guests from UV rays, Santa Fe Tint also safeguards the interior of your auto from sunlight damage that triggers fading and fracturing.


If you remain in Santa Fe, US and you’re concerned concerning UV security on your own and also your passengers, speak with the experts at Home window Tinting. For more information or a price quote on automotive window tint, call Santa Fe Tint at( 505) 295-2101 or go to www.matth110.sg-host.com.

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