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The Best Window Privacy Films to Invest In

Wed, 16 Dec 2020 12:21:21 GMT

Nowadays, installing privacy window tint is easy because professionals either use static cling to the adhesive. 

If the windows at home or business premises make you feel exposed, installing a window film for privacy is the best option. These privacy films protect you and your loved ones from prying eyes while still protecting you from UV light and glare. It is important to note that some of the privacy films are decorative, but some are just functional.

What is a window privacy film?

Window privacy films are ideal alternatives to curtains or blinds. A privacy window film is explicitly designed to allow excellent light transmission (allowing natural light into the room) and control heat while maintaining the view.

Here are the top window privacy films you can invest in:

Rabbitgoo 3D – No Glue Decorative

Rabbitgoo 3D offers a unique rainbow effect whenever the sun hits it. This window privacy film is ideal in winter, and summer seasons, i.e., it reduces heat during summer seasons while increasing heat in the winter season. The film is environmentally friendly because it does not have any adhesives or residue gum. Rabbitgoo 3D is easy to install because it uses static cling to position it on the glass. Besides offering privacy, this film can reduce the ultraviolet ray’s entry up to 96%! Ergo, you can reduce your furniture’s aging, associated health risks and reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home. 

Rabbitgoo 3D – Static

Besides a stained-glass finish, Rabbitgoo 3D-Static has a repeated square pattern. As a result, each square produces a unique color when exposed to sunlight. Its energy-saving feature helps retain heat during winter and keep out excess heat during the summer season. This film does not offer full privacy, thus limiting its use in bathrooms. However, you can use this private film in office windows and sliding doors. If you do not want to use curtains, Rabbitgoo-3D -Static is an ideal option because it offers privacy both during the day and at night.

Coavas Non-Adhesive

Besides improving your curb appeal, this film offers privacy. In fact, its privacy increases with distance. For example, its privacy is more than 95% if you are at a distance of 1 meter! The film is easy to install because it uses a static cling. It is important to note that extreme weather conditions do not affect the film. Ergo, this film is an excellent option during the winter and summer seasons. During the winter season, Coavas preserves heat, while in summer, it offers insulation.

What is the Cost of Installing Privacy Window Film?

Although the total cost of installing a privacy window film ranges depending on the location, market conditions, and the professional company you have chosen, among other factors, most jobs range from $318 to $902. Remember, the type or size of window/glass-covered and the film used can determine the total cost of installing a privacy window tint. Usually, the film’s square foot ranges from $2 – $100 with additional charges, for example, labor. Window films like ceramic tint, solar, and 3M are vital in blocking UV rays, heat, and glare. Their cost can range from $2 to $14 per sq. foot.

On the other hand, security films are costly because they are difficult to break, thus protecting your home from fire, intruders, accidents, and earthquakes. You can expert security film price to range from $7 -$9 per sq. foot. If you have any questions regarding privacy window tints, click here to contact us

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