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Why You Need to Choose the Correct Window Tinting Services for Your Arched Windows

You probably have walked or driven past a building and couldn’t help but stare at the fantastic architectural arched windows. But do you know how the making of such windows takes place? Installation of tinted arched solar windows is mainly evident on commercial buildings in large urban centers. They are effective in blocking UV rays and heat from accessing the inside of the building. However, did you know that apart from urban commercial buildings, you can also get window tinting for your home with the exact appealing, decorative, and UV light blockage features? However, to choose the best house window tinting, you need to consult professionals.

At Santa Fe Tint, you will get all the information you need to know about arched window tinting for homes and commercial buildings. The experts at Santa Fe Tint will advise you based on their expertise and experience.

Choose the proper home window tinting for your Arched windows

Suppose it is the summer season, and you decide to have home window tinting due to the sun’s scorching heat that penetrates through your large arched windows. You are not comfortable with this scenario, which prompts you to contact a local window tinting company. Immediately you contact them, they arrive and do the window tinting without even inspecting and examining to see what kind of windows you have. For a few weeks, the tinting effect looks amazing until one day you wake up and find one large tinted window with a sizeable conspicuous crack.


The above scenario shows you the importance of dealing with experienced professionals for home window tinting. Therefore, before allowing any window tinter to do your house window tinting, make sure that they are from Santa Fe Tint, who will take time to analyze the type of glass you have. Square and rectangular window panes are more resistant to breakage than arched architectural windows. That said, installing the wrong tint on dual pane windows, arched windows, and thermal glass windows can be disastrous after a short period.

The making of Arched windows

Arched windows are made through a process that often leads to the formation of small chips during the window cutting process. These are common “clamshell” defects that give the cut edge of the arched glass a crescent appearance. To make the crescent look on the edge of the cut-glass disappear, manufacturers use the glazing technique so you won’t notice the tiny chips.

Why do tinted Arched windows break?

Window tinting is a critical process that requires high levels of expertise. The existence of small “clamshell” chips in arched glass makes the glass have points of weakness. These points of weakness become vulnerable to cracking when the glass is under temperature stress. Therefore, if you hire an inexperienced window tinter and perform window tinting on the inner side, the sun’s heat and UV rays will penetrate through the outer side before being blocked on the tainted inner side. With time the arched glass will be under stress due to the accumulation of too much heat. As the glass cools down during winter, the sudden temperature fluctuations lead to glass cracking and breakage.

Exterior window tinting is the best for arched windows

From the above information on heat accumulation on arched windows, it is advisable to perform exterior home window tinting instead of interior house window tinting. This applies to dual pane windows, arched windows, and impact glass.


At Santa Fe Tint, we are aware of the damage that interior window tinting can cause. That’s why we offer a series of exterior window tinting for homes to efficiently facilitate blockage of the sun’s heat and UV rays, thus preventing them from accumulating in the glass and also entering your home. At Santa Fe Tint, the exterior home window tinting films efficiently block up to 97% of infrared light and UV rays associated with skin damage and fading of furniture and artworks. Additionally, the exterior house window tinting saves on energy consumption and facilitates comfort while giving you an elegant view from the inside and outside of your home.

Benefits of Exterior installation of Santa Fe Tint films
  • The installation is harmless for different types of glass, including dual-pane windows, impact, and arched glass.
  • Efficient in blocking away heat, thus significantly preventing the accumulation of heat.
  • During installation, the Santa Fe Tint professionals can complete the job without entering your home.
  • The installation process does not require the relocation of equipment and furniture.
  • The film is resistant to scratches from pets and children.
  • The window tinting films are compatible with security window films.
  • The house window tinting film lasts for a long time, requiring minimum maintenance.
  • The window tinting for your home comes with a comprehensive warranty.

If you are interested in renovating your home with a home window tinting, feel free to call Santa Fe Tint through ​(505) 295-2101. For more information, inquiries and advice, you can reach out to the Santa Fe Tint professional staff through

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