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Window Tint on Commercial Vehicles

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 08:28:04 GMT

​Most people install window films on their car windows for various reasons, including enhancing the vehicle’s esthetics, increasing privacy or security, and reducing excessive heat and glare. However, there are laws that govern motorists on which types of tint and degree of darkness to use on their cars.

Commercial Vans

​In this article, we’ll look at the window tint law for commercial vehicles and the best window tint you can install on your car.

Window Tint Law for Commercial Vehicles

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the windshield or side window of commercial motor vehicles may be colored or tinted and must allow the transmittance of at least 70% of natural light. However, each state has its laws and regulations that guide motorists on the legally permitted window film reflection and darkness. Each state may also have specific exemptions and restrictions as far as window tinting on commercial vehicles is concerned.

For instance, in New Mexico, the back and side tinted windows on commercial vehicles must allow over 20% of light. The windshield tint must be non-reflective and be either past the AS-1 line or only about 5 inches from the top. No matter the type or degree of tint on the other windows, they must also be non-reflective. And if the back or side windows are tinted, the vehicle should have dual side mirrors. In terms of the tint color, New Mexico doesn’t allow yellow, red, and amber colors. Like many states, this state has exemptions on medical grounds.

What is the Best Legal Window Tint Type for Commercial Vehicles?

There are several types of legal window tints for commercial vehicles, such as clear, metalized, dyed, ceramic, crystalline, and carbon. Of all these, ceramic stands out as the best window tint you can install on your commercial vehicle.

Ceramic window tint is relatively new in the market but has already distinguished itself due to its top performance, reliability, and durability. It’s the highest quality film and comes in a variety of shades and finishes. It enhances visibility on the road both during the day and at night.

Instead of metal, carbon, or colorant, this film contains non-metallic and non-conducive ceramic particles. The absence of metal in ceramic window film means you can use mobile phones, navigation, satellite radio, and virtually any other technological device without experiencing signal interference.

It beats other window films when it comes to resisting glare, fading, and making the windows shatterproof. In case of an accident, this film holds the glass particles together, keeping the driver and passengers safe from injury.

Ready to Get Started?

Every state or county has window tint laws to dictate how much tinting is allowed on commercial vehicles. At Santa Fe, New Mexico, we specialize in handling not only car tints but also window films for homeowners. We stock the largest selection of window tint and strictly adhere to the state’s standards. If you already have tint on your car, we can inspect it to determine if the film complies with your state’s tint laws and offer professional advice.

For more information about window tint films, call us today at (505) 295 – 2101 we’ll be glad at your service.

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