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Windshield replacement services at a glance

Determining whether you need windshield change in Calgary.

Calgary leads countrywide as far as windshield damage, repair, and replacement are concerned. This is courtesy of the city’s acute weather changes, chinook winds and gravel on icy roads. For visitors, they are surprised by the many windshield breakages they encounter. This makes windshield replacement service a very sought-after commodity in Calgary, which should cause you to insist on expert work as well as honesty in this service. Not all windshield impairment requires replacement. However, it would be best to replace a windshield as soon as it breaks since a damaged windscreen interferes with your car’s safety. This is because it absorbs force in case of collision, a force that would otherwise be passed on to you or your passengers in the event that your vehicle features a compromised windshield.

Determining whether to replace a windshield fully.

Any large-sized windscreen damage needs a replacement. However, there are alternative factors to consider. A total windshield replacement is necessary for these instances:

  • When the damage is more than 18 inches in length
  • If the damage overruns both glass layers
  • When the damage is over the internal antenna and rain sensor
  • When the damage goes to the glass edges
  • If windshield damage interferes with the driver’s visibility
  • If the damage causes web-like cracks
  • If damage is located on the inner side of the windshield.
  • Core functions of a windshield

The replacement of a damaged windshield cannot be overstressed. As a professional auto glass service provider in Calgary, we have witnessed tragic outcomes of an unfit windshield in events of collision. That is why we hire competent experts in dispensing our services. We further make the experience better for all our clients by availing to them mobile windshield services.

Supporting the roof

In the event of a rollover, your windshield prevents the roof from collapsing.

Forms an integral part of safety features

Airbags, seatbelts and the windshield are the three safety systems that ensure passengers are not ejected from the vehicle. Each of these elements serves as a physical barrier to keep passengers safely inside in the event of a collision.

Timely airbag deployment

Your windscreen allows the deployment of airbags bouncing off the glass. This prevents people onboard from hitting the glass with their heads. Airbag deployment is a complex process that needs a robust windshield for a backboard. When considering a windshield replacement service, run some background checks to ensure that your chosen service provider is a trained, experienced, and certified professional. In the event that your windshield needs some attention, reach out to us at Santa Fe Tint and our committed customer service team will receive and guide you appropriately. Our team of experts are well trained and certified to handle all kinds of windshield jobs, we use only high-quality materials, and we guarantee to deliver value to all our clients. We will give you a free quotation and make your windshield safe for your road use as well as that of your passengers. Thank you for choosing us; we wish you all the best and good luck. Be safe on the road, Call us at: (505) 295-2101.

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